Creating a Resume

General Rules

• Resume should be maximum of 2 pages. (Academic Curriculum Vitae may be longer.) Long paragraphs and unnecessary information should be avoided. (A maximum of 1-3 minutes is reserved for resume reviews.)

• It must be written as the first or third individual.

• Usually easy to read characters such as "Times New Roman" or "Arial" should be used. It should be written in 11 or 12 font size and spelling checks should be done.

• An appropriate letter should be prepared for the position applied. If a general application is made, the pre-letter should state which field of study is required.

• The attached photo must be a picture. Faded, blurry, mixed background photos should not be added.

• Attention should be paid to up-to-date contact information. A professional e-mail address consisting of first name and surname should be used.

Career Goal

• A very short paragraph should be written to describe the characteristics appropriate to the position applied, to identify himself/herself and to indicate the purpose of the application.

Personal Information

• Name, full address, telephone numbers and e-mail address must be written at the beginning of the resume.

• Information such as date of birth, place of birth, marital status must be written.

• The nationality must also be stated in the application for foreign affairs.

Education Information

• Graduated programs should be written in reverse chronological order.

• Degrees obtained when studying or significant achievements and grade point average can be specified.

Work / Internship Experience

• Work and internship experiences should be written in reverse chronological order.

• You should briefly list your responsibilities and your general work under each one by specifying your position at the place of work.

• Achievements should be particularly emphasized.


 • Identify foreign languages and computer programs.

• If several programs or foreign languages are known, they should be added to what level they are known.

• In addition, the skills that are appropriate to be written for the specific position applied can be written.

• It should be indicated if there is a membership to professional organizations.

• If necessary, the driver's license can be indicated under the heading Additional information.

Education / Certificates

• Vocational courses and training, certificates should be indicated under the appropriate titles


• İki referans yazılabilir. • Yeni mezunlar referanslarının biri hocalardan, biri de stajyer olarak bağlı çalışılan yöneticinden olabilir.

• Diğer seçenek ise, "Talep edildiğinde verilecektir" ibaresini eklemektir

• Referans gösterilen kişilere önceden haber verilmelidir.